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From manufacturer to your home or institution:
After each new piano arrives from one of the top piano manufacturer's facilities, it undergoes a thorough inspection. The piano is tuned and the regulation checked and adjusted as necessary.

As the piano goes through a "settling in" period, we remain diligent to ensure the stability of the instrument is quickly attained.

Once you choose the piano for your home or institution, the piano once again receives yet another thorough tuning and regulation procedure prior to placing it in your home.

Shortly after we deliver the piano, we return once again to the instrument for a follow up inspection and tuning to ensure the instrument you purchased has received the optimum care and preparation.

The stage has now been set. A quality product that has received quality care and preparation will provide quality performance for even our most discerning of customers.

So how much "extra" does all this cost?


Our reputation rises or falls on our products - all this is included!
    Savannah Piano, Inc is an authorized Yamaha Dealer.

    Savannah Piano, Inc.
    14045 Abercorn St, Suite 2314
    Savannah, GA 31419
    Phone: 912-920-9309

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