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Come see this gorgeous used Baldwin French Provincial Style Cherry 226 Grand Piano at our Midtown Tulsa Location!


- 5'8" R2 226 Baldwin Grand

- Handmade in America

- One Owner

- Like New Condition

- Lists new for $46,272

Only $25,500!

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PhotoAble to record, play back and manipulate the music played upon its keys, the Yamaha Disklavier has opened up an exciting new world of musical opportunities. Today, the Disklavier line includes a wide range of upright and grand piano models, incorporating such features as orchestral tone generation, audio instrumental and vocal reproduction, built-in educational features, direct computer connections and Yamaha Silent™ technology.


Discover What You and the Disklavier Can Do!

... new ways to listen, learn, teach, study, create, compose and enjoy ...

Applications for Yamaha Disklavier pianos are as wide as they are varied, ranging from simple music appreciation and entertainment to piano study, accompaniment, recording, composing, performance and broadcasting.



'Live,' high-fidelity entertainment

Whether you're relaxing at home or entertaining a houseful of guests, a Yamaha Disklavier piano can fill your world with the magic of live music on demand.

Enjoy piano concerts at the touch of a button, live on the acoustic instrument, complete with lifelike key and pedal movement, as if the pianist were seated at the keyboard.
Listen to fully orchestrated piano/instrumental music—popular groups, jazz combos, chamber ensembles and more—performed on the acoustic piano and internal tone generator (external amplified speakers required for Disklavier PRO and upright models).
Experience the thrill of piano concerts complete with high-fidelity vocal and instrumental audio tracks (Disklavier PRO and Mark III full-function models only).
Immerse yourself in professional recordings by famous artists and top studio musicians, available in the extensive library of Yamaha PianoSoft™ disks.
Download music files from the Internet to your computer, for playback on your Disklavier.
Relax with the convenience of remote control from the comfort of your chair.


New options for music education

The Yamaha Disklavier offers a variety of useful, versatile features to make learning or improving your skills faster, more effective and more fun.

Watch and listen as professional pianists perform right on your piano.
Record* and play back your own performance to identify problem areas and improve your technique.
Play along with recorded accompaniment.
Practice one hand at a time while the Disklavier plays the other.
Slow down the tempo of a recorded piece to work through a difficult passage.
Use the built-in metronome to help you keep the beat.
Learn to play, the easy way, with the amazing new SmartKey™ play-assist system, equipped on all PRO and Mark III Series full-function models.
Keep a permanent record* of your own, your children's or your students' progress.

*Recording features not available on Disklavier Mark III Playback Grands.


An incomparable accompanist

Always ready to play, with or without a pianist and in any key or tempo, the Yamaha Disklavier piano is ideal for accompanying vocal and instrumental soloists, dancers, sporting events, community theater and more.

PianoSoft disks offer selections especially designed for accompaniment, or you can record* your own performance or that of any available pianist.
Synchronized audio (PRO and full-function models only) and digital tone generation enable prerecorded 'piano-plus' accompaniment.
Transpose control lets you play recorded songs in any key, without affecting the tempo.
Tempo control adjusts playback to your preferred pace, without affecting the pitch.
Wireless remote control allows free and easy mobility.

*Recording features not available on Disklavier Mark III Playback Grands.


A composer's dream come true

The combination of Disklavier internal features and external connections offers virtually unlimited options for songwriters and creative musicians.

Record* piano performance direct from the keyboard.
Create and record* your own track-by-track instrumental ensemble arrangements.
Connect to other MIDI instruments and equipment for extended creative range.
Control the Disklavier piano and tone generator from your PC via the built-in computer interface.
Store, edit, arrange, even transcribe and print out the music you play, through your computer and available software.

*Recording features not available on Disklavier Mark III Playback Grands.


Beautiful background music

photo The Disklavier piano makes an ideal centerpiece for hotels, restaurants, clubs, shops and other establishments, offering captivating music at any time to soothe and entertain your guests.

Provide live music on demand—with or without a pianist—at any hour of the day or night.
Choose from a wide variety of professionally recorded PianoSoft concert disks, or create your own recordings* by local or visiting pianists.
Use the built-in utility functions to compile custom collections of music for specific times and occasions.
Store grouped selections in internal memory for instant recall and extended-play entertainment (grand models only).
Program the Disklavier for totally automatic, unattended operation (grand models only).
Place the control unit away from the piano for convenient access, or use the handy remote unit to control Disklavier playback functions.

*Recording features not available on Disklavier Mark III Playback Grands.


The pleasure of total privacy

Photo (all models except DGA1 grand)

Yamaha Silent System™ technology lets you instantly cancel the acoustic piano sound and switch to digital piano tone generation, to play or listen at lower volume or through the privacy of stereo headphones.

Play at any time of the day or night, as loudly as you like, without disturbing others.
Use the headphones to listen to prerecorded piano and piano/ensemble concerts.
Record* and arrange your own compositions without anyone else listening in.
Silently practice one hand while the Disklavier plays the other, or play along with recorded music or digital accompaniment.
Play orchestral tracks from the Disklavier keyboard without the sound of the piano itself—ideal for multi-track recording.

*Recording features not available on Disklavier Mark III Playback Grands.




Saied Music Company is proud to be your source for fine Steinway, Yamaha, Roland, Kohler & Campbell, Knabe, Conover Cable, and Schulze Pollmann acoustic and digital pianos, both used and new.  We have a massive selection with models for every budget at the best prices in the region.

Come in and talk to one of our knowledgeable salesmen today.

Vertical Piano

Things a first time buyer should know about pianos

Frequently, our customers ask, "What should I buy my son/daughter who is just starting piano lessons?" The following links should provide you with the information you need to select the piano or keyboard that fit your needs and your budget.

Grand Piano
Grand Pianos
Vertical Piano
Vertical Pianos
Digital Piano
Digital Pianos
Grand Piano

Things current piano owners would like to know

How often should I tune my piano?

Most piano tuners say to tune your piano at least twice a year. The strings of a piano put 2 tons of pressure on the parts of the piano. Regardless of if you play it or not, a piano will go out of tune if you don't have it tuned for several years. Changes in temperature and humidity will do more to put a piano out of tune than anything else.

How much is my piano worth?

A used piano in showroom floor condition sells for half of what you can buy a new one for. To meet showroom floor condition a piano has to

  1. Be tuned every year of its life
  2. Have no scratches or dings
  3. Have no faults in the interior (broken strings, cracked soundboard, etc.)

Anything that doesn't fit the description of "showroom floor condition" will subtract price value from the piano.

What should I use to clean my piano?

If your piano has a high gloss finish, use a high gloss piano polish found in our store. If your piano has a satin finish, use a satin finish polish. Do not use Pledge or Endust! You can clean the keys with any glass cleaner.

What's the best way to move a piano?

Never move a piano yourself. Always have professional piano movers do the job. A furniture moving company most likely isn't insured and/or capable of moving your piano properly. Moving a piano is a precise operation and you need to have professionals do it. 

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