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Pianos, Keyboards, Clavinovas, Disklaviers and Accessories at Playground Music

We sell all types of grand pianos, upright pianos and portable keyboards.

From the award-winning Yamaha Clavinova series to the Disklavier Player Grands, our piano experts are ready to demonstrate the possibilities. Playground Music is your source for acoustic and digital instruments and accessories.

Have you ever wondered whether a grand piano will fit in your living space? Here's a simple test to find out...Click the image to the right for a full size printable copy..........

Yamaha Virtual Brochures

"We bought our Piano from Playground Music and we love it. The service you offer is 5 Stars!"- P.E. Shalimar, FL

Piano and Keyboard Accessories

Electronic Keyboards and Synths

Playground Music Piano GalleryThe Playground Music Piano Gallery is Coming Soon...
We're putting together a wealth of resources and online catalogs for your convenience. You may not want to buy a piano online but you'll probably want to do a little research before deciding on the right brand, model and size for your home, church or facility. Stay Tuned for more!

Upright pianos vs. grand pianos

Upright or vertical pianos generally cost less than grand pianos and take up less space. The tallest upright pianos can reach 58 to 60 inches. Remember that it’s possible to get the same quality of tone with an upright piano as with the largest of grand pianos. In fact, a taller vertical piano will sometimes produce a better tone than certain baby grand pianos.

Upright pianos are differentiated based on their size.

  • Spinet pianos: Spinet pianos are usually around 36 inches tall.
  • Console pianos: Console pianos are approximately 40 inches tall.
  • Studio pianos: Studio pianos are around 45 inches tall.
  • Professional pianos: Professional pianos are 48 inches tall and higher

The taller the upright piano, the greater the action (i.e., the number of moving parts) the piano provides. An upright piano has around 5,000 to 6,000 moving parts, whereas a grand piano has an average of 10,000. Because of this distinction and other construction techniques, grand pianos are often found in the homes and studios of more serious piano players.

Grand pianos come in many different shapes and they run in size anywhere from 4 feet 6 inches to more than 9 feet long...

  • Baby grand pianos: The term "baby grand" refers to any grand piano smaller than 6 feet.
  • Concert grand pianos: A concert grand piano refers to the largest of grand pianos (9 feet and above).
  • Other grand designations include conservatory, studio, parlour, music room and others depending on manufacturer.

The majority of grand pianos today have a conventional wing shape, with a curved side on the right and a flat side on the left. The main difference between shorter and longer grand pianos is the quality of the bass tones, the quantity of sound it can produce, and the overall quality of sound. That's It!

Take a visit to the Yamaha Website to learn more about the exciting Disklavier® Piano System. You can view video demonstrations and request a free 36 min. DVD demonstration of this amazing technology.
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Disklavier Video at Yamaha


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