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Darrell’s Music Hall has been providing the highest quality grand and vertical pianos from around the world since 1969. We offer full lines of acoustic and digital pianos with the latest features and technology.

Digital pianos:
Roland Digital Pianos™
Yamaha Clavinova™

Acoustic Pianos:
Vertical: Several makes and models
Grand: Several makes and models

Player Pianos:
Yamaha Disklavier™
Story & Clark (QRS) Pianomation™

Our showrooms display a wide variety of brands including Pearl River, Roland, Schimmel, Story & Clark, Wm. Knabe and Co., and Yamaha. We understand the many core elements that make a piano worth the investment and will help every visitor to our store find what they are looking for… even if that means that we are the first stop among many. We will guide all of our visitors to ask questions and try all of the various pianos that we stock before they buy. If you look around our site, or visit our store and don’t see what you are looking for, we have a large warehouse facility and two well stocked locations and will be sure to find it for you.
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At Darrell’s Music Hall we offer a wide variety of excellent pre-owned pianos in our Darrell’s Music Hall “Next Life” program.
Pianos, when taken care of, tend to hold their value very well and and are always a great investment for the right person. When the time comes for the avid pianist to downsize their home or upsize their home, that often means that it’s time to find a different piano to suit their preferences and circumstances.

Darrell’s has access to an excellent network of used piano buyers that assist us in finding a variety of piano types in differing condition.

Sometimes this program is the perfect way for someone breaking into music to find something that they can afford. Other times, it makes sense for the collector or advanced pianist to step up to a vintage, collectible model that they otherwise may not have been able to find.

Ask about our unique “Next Life” piano programs next time you visit our showrooms in Nashua or Portsmouth, NH.


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custom tailored guarantee
When you speak to the experienced folks at Darrell’s Music Hall, you’ll find out how we can custom tailor a piano for you with knowledgeable, friendly assistance.

We can help you find the perfect piano!

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